15.10 Social Impact

There are numerous applications of logic programming. It is used in the Java virtual machine type checker: “The type checker enforces type rules that are specified by means of Prolog clauses. English language text is used to describe the type rules in an informal way, while the Prolog clauses provide a formal specification” [Lindholm et al., 2022]. Prolog was used for the parser for the clues in the IBM Watson system which beat the human world champion in the TV quiz show “Jeopardy!” [Lally et al., 2012].

The idea of a robot scientist [King et al., 2004, 2009a; Sparkes et al., 2010] is that a computer creates and tests hypotheses. The robot scientist Adam [King et al., 2009b] automatically generates functional genomics hypotheses about yeast and tests the hypotheses using a physical robot that automates a laboratory. It represents the hypotheses using a logic program. A hypothesis in the form of a logic program allows it to be interpreted and also the consequences can be tested. The robot created a hypothesis, physically runs an experiment to test the hypothesis, interprets the results, and repeats.