2.7 References and Further Reading

The model of agent systems is based on the constraint nets of Zhang and Mackworth (1995), also on Rosenschein and Kaelbling (1995). The hierarchcical control is based on Albus (1981) and the subsumption architecture of Brooks (1986). Turtle Geometry, by Abelson and DiSessa (1981), investigates mathematics from the viewpoint of modeling simple reactive agents. Luenberger (1979) is a readable introduction to the classical theory of agents interacting with environments. Simon (1996) argues for the importance of hierarchical control.

For more detail on agent control see Dean and Wellman (1991), Latombe (1991), and Agre (1995).

The methodology for building intelligent agents is discussed by Haugeland (1985), Brooks (1991), Kirsh (1991b), and Mackworth (1993).

Qualitative reasoning is described by Forbus (1996) and Kuipers (2001). Weld and de Kleer (1990) contains many seminal papers on qualitative reasoning. See also Weld (1992) and related discussion in the same issue. For a recent review see Price et al. (2006).