14.5 References and Further Reading

Situation calculus was proposed by McCarthy and Hayes (1969). The form of the frame axioms presented here can be traced back to Kowalski (1979), Schubert (1990), and Reiter (1991). Reiter (2001) presents a comprehensive overview of situation calculus; see also Brachman and Levesque (2004). There have been many other suggestions about how to solve the frame problem, which is the problem of concisely specifying what does not change during an action. Event calculus was proposed by Kowalski and Sergot (1986). Shanahan (1997) provides an excellent introduction to the issues involved in representing change and to the frame problem in particular.

For overviews of inductive logic programming see Muggleton and De Raedt (1994), Muggleton (1995), and Quinlan and Cameron-Jones (1995).

Independent choice logic was proposed by Poole (1993)Poole (1997). De Raedt et al. (2008) and Getoor and Taskar (2007) are collections of papers that provide overviews on probabilistic relational models and how they can be learned.