1 Getting and Starting AILog

To start AILog just load the file ailog2.pl into Prolog.

Currently we have:

  • ailog2.pl is currently at version 2.3. This runs on SWI Prolog version 5.3 or later. To run it, download SWI prolog and double click on ailog2.pl or in a shell do: swipl ailog2.pl
  • CILog version 1 is an older version that does not include probabilities, but has versions that run in older versions of SWI Prolog and in Sicstus Prolog. Try that if you have problems with this version.
  • ailog21.pl is AILog version 2.1, which finds all explanations and so does not work for large examples.
  • the whole distribution at http://artint.info/code/ailog.zip.