11 Multiagent Systems

11.8 References and Further Reading

For overviews of multiagent systems see Shoham and Leyton-Brown [2008], Vlassis [2007], Stone and Veloso [2000], Wooldridge [2002], and Weiss [1999]. Nisan et al. [2007] overview research frontiers in algorithmic game theory.

Multiagent decision networks are based on the MAIDs of Koller and Milch [2003]. Genesereth and Thielscher [2014] describe general game playing which uses logical representations for games.

Minimax with α-β pruning was first published by Hart and Edwards [1961]. Knuth and Moore [1975] and Pearl [1984] analyze α-β pruning and other methods for searching game trees. Ballard [1983] discusses how minimax can be combined with chance nodes. The Deep Blue chess computer, which beat Garry Kasparov, the world Chess champion in May 1997 is described by Campbell et al. [2002]. Silver et al. [2016] describe AlphaGo, the program that beat a top-ranked Go player in 2016.

Mechanism design is described by Shoham and Leyton-Brown [2008], Nisan [2007] and in microeconomics textbooks such as Mas-Colell et al. [1995]. Ordeshook [1986] describes group decision making and game theory.